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Professionalism and commitment to quality are the halmarks to our Services. Simply put, we care, and not just healthcare, but a genuine desire to meet all our partners needs.

Developmental Disabilities
Services and Programs

We are a healthcare provider based in Fairfax, Virginia in partnership with the VA DBHDS that primarily offers Developmental Disability specific services for individuals of all ages.

In-Home Services
comforts and care!

Integrated Healthcare Solutions, Inc believes that the people are best served within their home and natural settings/community.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions

We will work cooperatively with other agencies, the Training Centers marked by the VA DOJ Settlement for closure, and other public and private stakeholders, to assure continuity of services based on the needs of the individual.

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Integrated Healthcare Solutions

Developmental Disability Services More Detail!

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Services designed to support the person outside the home through training and skills development that help the person to achieve greater participation in integrated community activities and vocational settings.

Services provided through a residential arrangement where a homeowner provides room, board, personal supports and assistance to a person in a host home.

Services that are reasonably and necessary to the treatment of a person's illness, injury, long term disability or to the restoration or maintenance of function affected by the injury, illness or long term disability.

Services that are necessary to the treatment of a person's illness, injury or long term disability, or to the restoration or maintenance of function affected by the injury, illness or long term disability.

Services that provide physical adaptations to a home that enable a person to live with greater independence within the home (ex: ramps, grab-bars, lift systems, specialized electric and plumbing systems, etc.)

Services consisting of training, counseling, coordination and other professional support services offered to families or other uncompensated individuals.

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Residential Servies

Independent Living Skills Instruction, Day and Night-time Monitoring and Nursing, Private and Semi-Private Living Arrangements, Recreation and Leisure Programming Therapeutic Group Home Facilities, and more!

Waiver Services

Independent Living Skills Instruction, Supported Living, Skilled Nursing, Personal Care Aide, Preventive and Consultative Crisis Management, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and more

Daily Care Services

Day Habilitation, In-home or facility based, Provocation Services, Supported Employment Services, Nutritional Services, Behavioral Counseling, including ABA Therapy at the Day site or/ and at home...and more

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